It’s never easy to face a cancer diagnosis, either for yourself or for a loved one. It’s a vicious and detrimental disease that forces patients to fight against their own bodies to survive. While there is no cure for cancer yet, we are fortunate today that so many advancements have been made in treatment to ideally stop the spread of the cancerous cells, shrink tumors, and hopefully force the disease into remission, but the treatment isn’t without it’s physical tolls on the body.

Chemotherapy and radiation weaken the patients, making them feel fatigued and ill day after day; additionally, victims and those close to them go on emotional rollercoaster rides daily, filled with anxiety, stress, anger, and depression. Depending on the state you live in and what your doctor prescribes to deal with the pain and sickness you will face during treatment, you may be prescribed marijuana or opioids for pain management. Some states still have marijuana outlawed entirely, meaning it isn’t an option for patients and they likely will need opioids to ease their suffering.

However, the last couple of decades have seen many news stories regarding opioid addiction and its origins with prescribed medication. As a result, some patients fear taking their medication as they don’t want to become dependent on the substance, which is an entirely understandable concern. This puts kratom powder and kratom capsules in an interesting position as a companion supplement for cancer patients going through treatment to help them deal with their pain and anxiety.

Depending on the symptoms and pain points felt by the patient, there is a kratom powder strain available to ease their frustrations. Red vein kratom, such as Red Vein Borneo, can help relax people and put them into a blissful state, perfect for days when panic sets in, or when it’s tough to fall asleep at night. White vein kratom capsules are stimulants and therefore are good when the patient needs a pick-me-up after a long day; chemotherapy can wear a patient out, so a small serving of kratom may help get them through the day, rather than feel too weak to do anything else. Green vein kratom strains fall in between red and white strains, meaning it can be a good entry point for people looking to see if kratom powder can help them as a supplement to their treatment.

Realistically, any strain of kratom is a good starting point if you’re looking for pain relief, an energy boost for your day, reining in your anxiety and stress, or as a natural sleep aid. The important thing to remember is to start slow and take low doses so that you can understand how the herbal supplement works with and for you. Like we mentioned, a low dosage of Red Vein Borneo is likely your best starting point for kratom powder, especially if you need to rest and relax as you deal with high amounts of stress.

Don’t be afraid of all of the different strains and doses of kratom, we’re here to help you understand more about this multi-purpose herbal supplement and how it can help you treat your pains, fears, and anxieties. If you have any questions about which strains of kratom may be right for you, if kratom powder or kratom capsules are better, or how the supplement can benefit your daily life, don’t hesitate to call us and we’ll be happy to chat.