Kratom Preparation

Kratom powdered leaf can be prepared and consumed in several different ways: swallowed with liquid, mixed into food, or brewed as a tea.

Raw Powder

The simplest method is simply to place a spoonful of kratom powder on your tongue and swallow the powder with a drink. In this form, kratom has a very strong flavor and the powder is very dry, sticking to your mouth and throat and causing many to cough or gag. However, this method takes no prep time and has been reported to provide the strongest effects. Alternatively, kratom can be taken as a capsule, making swallowing it significantly easier and delivering it to your system in the most efficient and effective manner.

Mixed with Food

Kratom can also be mixed in with food or used as an ingredient. Simply mixing the powder into apple sauce, yogurt, ice cream, chocolate milk, lemonade or juice are popular options, making the powder more palatable for most people’s taste. The strong flavor of most kratom powders may not mesh with some foods and can overpower other flavors. However, combining small amounts with food doesn’t reduce the effectiveness of the powder.


Kratom powder can be brewed as a tea or combined with other ingredients to make into a tea. Generally, completely stirring about 1 teaspoon of powder into 2-4 cups of boiling water and letting it steep for 10-20 minutes results in a pleasant-tasting tea. Adding honey, sugar, or artificial sweeteners helps to reduce the bitterness and make the tea more palatable. It can also be brewed in combination with other tea herbs or packets, such as chamomile or spearmint, or even brewed in a French press. And like other teas, kratom can also be placed in the refrigerator overnight and brewed cold. When made into a tea, a layer of plant matter will settle to the bottom; there is no need to consume this unpalatable sludge to enjoy the effects of kratom and it can simply be discarded once separated from the tea.