Big news regarding kratom came out of Ohio this week, and unlike some of our other reports, things are looking up for kratom capsule and kratom powder proponents. After hundreds of kratom powder supporters went to Columbus last week, state regulators delayed a ban on kratom that was proposed to pass on August 12th. While it’s good that the ban was delayed so that proponents of the supplement can continue to use it, the ban also halts an initiative by the Ohio Board of Pharmacy to have kratom listed as a Schedule I drug, which would make the powder join the ranks of heroin. In what is quickly becoming a tale as old as time, advocates of kratom powder praise its benefits, while government officials and departments decry it as dangerous and a slippery slope into degeneracy and debauchery.

As we’ve mentioned before, kratom is currently under fire to be banned despite many advocates talking about the benefits of the supplement. For centuries, people from Southeast have used kratom to alleviate pain and reduce anxiety; today people can enjoy the same benefits; additionally, the supplement has helped people quit opioid addictions, reduce the severity of withdrawal symptoms, and in some cases, reducing the urge to relapse. Thankfully, the advocate’s voices were heard against the skepticism and fear of lawmakers looking to ban the supplement. For a little longer, people can continue to purchase kratom capsules. In a good-faith effort, advocates say they would like the state to regulate the supplement so that they can guarantee a pure and safe product.

On the other side of the aisle, lawmakers fear the supplement citing that it was opioid-like effects, hence wanting to make it as a Schedule I drug. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) cites that there have been numerous deaths involving kratom powder, but closer inspection show that other substances were present during autopsies and that kratom alone was not the culprit. As always, fear takes hold over people and imaginations run wild as slippery slope arguments come into play (as an aside, slippery slope arguments are some of the weakest philosophical arguments you can make; as long as it seems like it could happen, people will follow it, but it’s usually illogical). 

Despite proven benefits and overwhelming support and reviews, kratom remains a highly controversial subject, mostly due to fear and misunderstanding. Government regulation to ensure a pure product, like the ones we’ve vetted and sell on our website, will only help alleviate fears so that people can healthfully use kratom powder for its benefits. If it has been safely used for hundreds of years by locals in the area, why stop now? We’re happy to hear that Ohio is taking a progressive step with delaying a ban on kratom sales, but it’s a long road until the controversy is put to rest. Until then, contact us for more information to learn how kratom is safe, useful, and can reduce stress and anxiety in your day to day life.