As fears of the Coronavirus pandemic spread across the globe, so do tidbits of misinformation and misunderstandings regarding the virus, how it’s spread, and the symptoms the average person shows. You’ve likely heard everything from “it’s no worse than a bad cold, or the regular flu,” to “it’s going to shut down cities, states, and eventually the country.” The truth lies somewhere in between, but it depends on each person. For safety sake, err on the side that a lot of us will learn about working from home, but please leave some hand sanitizer and toilet paper for everyone else. But, what about your kratom powder, is that safe?

Kratom capsules are made from kratom leaves which are indigenous to Indonesia, which is a fair shot south of China (where the novel Coronavirus 2019, or COVID-19 originates in the Wuhan Province); however, Indonesia has just faced their first death from the virus. A British tourist, who is believed to have already had the virus, died while vacationing. However, Indonesia has seen its share of COVID-19 confirmed cases as well. The World Health Organization has labeled the disease a pandemic. But are kratom leaves, kratom powder, and kratom capsules safe?

It all depends on who you get kratom from. Someone people purchase theirs from questionable sources that may have cut kratom powder with other chemicals and additives, long before the Coronavirus became a global health issue. Those same companies regularly forego testing their products for safety and sustainable use for customers. We at Green Hippo regularly vet our suppliers to ensure that we, and by extension you, receive 100% pure and safe kratom powder and that you never need to worry about foreign substances in your capsules.

We take COVID-19 and the spread of this disease extremely seriously and want all of you, as well as our team, to be healthy and safe from the virus. Know that we are constantly checking the safety of our products, so that you don’t need to worry. When you go to purchase kratom supplements, make sure you trust the merchant. If you feel feverish and have a dry cough, immediately go to the doctor and check to see if you may have contracted the virus and so that they can help you feel better, regardless if you have the Coronavirus, or not.

These are stressful times for some, and if you are feeling the pressure and worries of COVID-19, we have kratom powders and capsules to help you relax; level your head so you can plan your next moves to prepare for bumps in the road ahead. Don’t let your fears and doomsday preppers get you riled up. Contact us if you have any additional questions regarding kratom powder and how we work to ensure a safe product for you.