The University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida was recently granted $3.5 million to conduct research over the next two years on the growing-in-popularity plant, kratom. The grant was given by the National Institute on Drug Abuse. They want the University to conduct research on physical dependence and misuse of the drug, investigating on a scientific level the actual benefits and harms of the new supplement.

The Southeast Asia native plant has been shown to help with opioid addiction, lessening respiratory depression, increasing energy levels, decreasing effects of chronic pain and more. While the plant has been used for centuries, it is relatively new to the drug administrations and to the United States. As we continue to find new uses of the plant and conduct studies on its effects to the human body, many people have become fascinated with the use of herbs as medicine in more recent years.

Currently, it is believed that between two and four million people are using kratom for recreational and/or medicinal purposes. Similarly to recently-legal CBD products, people using kratom have been said to show decreases in anxiety, depression, fatigue and more. The benefits have been reported time and time again, now, larger government-funded programs are after what else goes on in our bodies and brains after continued use of kratom.

The newly University funded research will focus primarily on kratom’s effect on opioid addicts – how it may help treat them, if it may just divert their addiction elsewhere or if it is actually a path to recovery. The scientific focus on the plant is to identify the pharmacology of its 40 alkaloids. While doing so, they will be testing the direct effects of the identifiable alkaloids on the brain’s receptors. Once they are able to identify this, then they may continue to develop strategies to help addicts quit opioids and further their treatment regimen.

The possibilities for this plant to change lives is huge. People who are experiencing benefits of the plant may be upset that it’s taking so long to become available, however it’s a liability for the FDA to be able to ensure the full benefits and side effects of kratom.

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