Kratom Strains

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When starting out with Kratom, it is best to learn a bit about what makes each strain unique. Depending on what your reason or purpose for using kratom is, you will need to know about the effects of each variant in order to maximize the benefits of your usage. The veins of kratom leaves help us understand their properties by color. Red and yellow tend to create a more mellow atmosphere, whereas white and green veins tell us they may be more euphoric.

Premium Bali

Bali Powder is one of the most common strains of kratom and has been reported to provide a classic, mild effect. Bali Powder assists with helping to regulate mood, which may aid in relaxation or may help to reduce tension.

Kratom Superior Red Dragon

Red Dragon is most known and reported for aiding in pain relief. Unlike many sedating pain relievers, Red Dragon may provide for a more sustainable and mood-regulating effect.

Green Superior Malaysian Kratom

Green Malaysian is said to support and maintain energy, as well as help mental focus.

Superior Maeng-Da

Superior Maeng-Da has been reported to provide an invigorating effect, while also helping to alleviate aches and pains.

White Vein Borneo

White Vein Borneo may help to relieve moderate pain. It is a great alternative to coffee or energy drinks.

Vein Types

red_vein_kratom_leaf Kratom Capsule Strains

Red Vein

The most commonly used variety of kratom is red vein, which contains the highest concentration of 7-Hydroxymitragynine (7-OHM). A naturally occurring alkaloid compound comprised primarily of nitrogen, along with oxygen, hydrogen and carbon, 7-OHM affects the body’s opioid receptors. Red vein kratom has been reported to be used for helping to regulate mood, which may aid in relaxation or help to reduce tension in the body.

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Green Vein

Green vein strains of kratom tend to fall somewhere between the red and white vein strains, blending the distinctive effects of both. Depending on the dosage and where it was grown, green vein kratom may provide pain relief, mood regulation, and may help to maintain energy. Green Vein has been popularly reported as an ‘everyday use’ kratom.
white_vein_kratom_leaf Kratom Capsule Strains

White Vein

White vein kratom is by far the most reported kratom for energy maintaining, whether it came from Thailand, Malaysia or Borneo. White vein strains of kratom may provide a boost of “clean” energy and mental clarity, similar to coffee and energy drinks but without the caffeine, sugar, or carbohydrates that can lead to a crash.


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Thai kratom has been reported to be energizing. It contains a high concentration of mitragynine. This makes it ideal for those who claim to feel fatigued. In Thailand, laborers have been reported to consume kratom to ward off exhaustion. White and green veins strains have been reported to be stimulating, while red strains have been reported to provide more mellow effects. For those seeking a non-caffeinated substitute for coffee, Thai kratom may be right for you. Reported Properties: Invigorating, mood boosting, mild pain relief
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Over the centuries, Malaysian kratom has developed its own unique profile. Malaysian kratom has been said to provide maintained energy. The effects of Malaysian kratom are variable, depending on the dosage. Malaysian kratom is known for its nootropic effects. It is also notable for possibly relieving pain and helping to regulate mood, which may then help in reducing stress. We offer Superior Green Malaysian in both powder and capsules form. Reported Properties: Energy (at low doses), relaxing (at high doses), mental focus, long-lasting
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Containing higher concentrations of 7-OH and lower amounts of mitragynine than many other strains, Indonesian kratom is reported to support overall well-being. It may provide a relaxing and mood-regulating effect. It also has been reported for aiding in pains and aches. Reportedly helps to reduce occasional urges for addiction pursuits, as well. Reported Properties: Relaxing, pain relief, anti-anxiety, mood boosting, sleep aid
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With a high 7-OHM content, Bali kratom is reported for its pain-relieving qualities. The red and green vein varieties can act as a mood regulator, which may help to reduce stress and anxiety in the body. It has also been reported to maintain healthy metabolism rates, when already within the normal range. Reported Properties: Pain relief, anti-anxiety, relaxation, sedation
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Thanks to the island’s diverse climates, a wide variety of strains can be grown on Borneo. In general, Borneo kratom is known for its subtle, mellowing properties, primarily due to a high concentration of 7-OHM. Strains from Borneo have been reported to aid in pains and aches. It reportedly also helps to reduce occasional urges for addiction pursuits. Reported Properties: Pain relief, anti-anxiety, sleep aid
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Maeng-Da & Red Dragon

Maeng-Da and Red Dragon kratom are potent strains created from selective breeding and blending of a variety of strains. Maeng-Da contains a high concentration of mitragynine. Red Dragon has been reported to help with mood regulation, which is said to aid in anxiety and depression. Reported Properties: Energy boost, mental focus, pain relief, anti-anxiety, mood boost