Kratom has, undoubtedly, become a recent buzzword. There are people fighting for it, against it and everything in between. With so many people’s interest in the newly popular plant, it’s no surprise that it has made headlines nationwide in both positive and negative lights. We don’t know what the future of kratom is or what the U.S. government or FDA plans to do about it, but there are a few things we do know, thanks to amazing reviews by Green Hippo customers:

  • Pain and Inflammation in the Body
    • We have firsthand reviews and feedback from Green Hippo kratom products that people have said they notice a huge decrease in chronic pain and overall inflammation in the body. Time and time again we hear of cases where people are completely taken off of their pain medication, or choose to do so on their own, because of how much kratom has helped them replace their over-the-counter drugs.
  • Withdrawal Treatment
    • This has been one of the most sensitive subjects that kratom popularity has brought up. However, again, we have heard from our very own clients that they or a family member has been able to wean themselves off of a serious or minor opioid addiction with the help of kratom. They have said it has changed their lives, making them a more functional and stable human being because of it.
  • Better Mood
    • This one we can speak to for ourselves. Kratom has been a huge help in some of our very own team’s energy and mood enhancement. Dealing with fatigue or feeling sluggish has been assisted by kratom. Even just the tiniest bit of our powdered kratom may help with the afternoon crash so many of us experience.

While we will most likely continue to see kratom in various news and opinion stories around the world, we can’t deny what our customers say about it. Even with harsh and subjective language being thrown at the ancient South Asian plant, it won’t stop us from doing what we do. When we hear a story from someone about how kratom has changed their or a family members life, or how it has helped turn their health around, we can’t help but feel proud of the products we produce.

Green Hippo Kratom is a completely organic, 100% pure kratom product. There are no added supplements or sugars like some other brands do. We source our products in the most sustainable and fair way possible and we do our best to provide that information to our customers. So, while we are keeping our chins up and staying true to our brand’s vision, we hope that you will let us know how we’re doing. Drop us a line or send us a message with your own review of Green Hippo Kratom. We love to hear from our consumers on what we’re doing well, as well as how we can improve.