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Kratom Smoothie Recipes

Our powdered kratom is perfect for adding to any of your favorite smoothie recipes. Once you learn what amount of kratom works for you, it becomes easier to make it a daily staple. There are pretty much an infinite amount of ways that you can intake kratom. From teas...

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Kratom Research Grant

The University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida was recently granted $3.5 million to conduct research over the next two years on the growing-in-popularity plant, kratom. The grant was given by the National Institute on Drug Abuse. They want the University to conduct...

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The Reason Kratom May Help with Addiction

The opioid epidemic across the U.S., even the world, is scary. It’s taking down families, people and communities. When addicts do finally build up the courage to quit, or at least acknowledge that they are not taking care of themselves in the best way they could,...

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An Introduction to Kratom

It’s not unlikely that you’ve never heard of kratom before. While it is an anciently used herb, it has only recently started to make waves in the West. Kratom is a naturally growing evergreen tree most prominently found in Southeast Asia. It has been a revered herb...