According to CNN, there are reportedly more than 10.5 million people over the age of 12 who misuse opioids; according to the CDC, in 2017, 68% of the 70,000 deaths from drug overdoses were attributed to opioids. If you turn on the news, odds are at some point within a week you’ll hear about the opioid crisis that currently grips America and the dangers of them. Speak to any former opioid abuser and they’ll tell you how dangerous and addicting it is.

Some, however, are turning towards kratom powder to curb their cravings and withdrawal symptoms. Kratom targets the same receptors in the brain as opium, in an infinitely healthier way, and brings feelings of elation, serenity, joy, and peacefulness (especially dependent upon which kratom strain you choose). For some, this supplement can be seen as a godsend.

Rather than fall into destructive habits and go down the path to overdose, people who suffer from opioid abuse/addiction, people can turn to the natural benefits of kratom powder and kratom capsules that have been enjoyed for centuries. To be blunt, it would require a near inhuman feat to ingest enough kratom to have negative effects on you at once. Additionally, you can relax with kratom tea, or even find recipes to make kratom infused candles for aromatherapy.

By giving people a way to curb withdrawal pains and addiction cravings, kratom capsules can help address the current opioid epidemic. Despite pushback from the FDA, kratom powder is helping people cope with their daily pains, cravings, depression, and anxiety. We look forward to more people finding solace and healing in this natural supplement and are here to help you choose the right product for you and you needs. Contact us today for more information!