Just like we did last month with Red Maeng-Da kratom powder, this month we’ll be examining another strain of kratom, its use cases, and the benefits you’ll enjoy by adding it as a supplement to your routine. This week’s subject under the microscope is White Vein Thai kratom.

Like most kratom supplements, it comes in powder and capsule form, so you have some options in how you’d prefer to take it. One popular method that we’ve discussed before is dissolving the kratom powder in hot water to create kratom tea, a stimulating and tantalizing hot beverage to be enjoyed, especially as we soldier on into the winter months of the year. Another popular use that we’ve noted before is to have kratom candles, and there are several guides and walkthroughs to make your own. It’s a unique way to dissipate the wonderful aromas and benefits of kratom throughout your home.

As the name suggests, this particular strain of kratom hails from Thailand and it has a finicky nature to it. The kratom seeds of the plant are incredibly fragile to begin with, but coupled with the fact that it is illegal to export kratom from Thailand, it has a limited amount of sources. Only a few successful cases of transporting it to Indonesia have been recorded and of those, not all survived to adulthood. White Vein Thai kratom requires extra patience and care to be able to harvest it for powder, but it is absolutely worth the effort.

White Vein kratom strains have higher alkaloids than the red and green varieties, meaning they impart a much heftier “kick” of energy. White Vein Thai kratom takes that up to the next notch. It contains more energy lifting properties than your typical cup of coffee, but without that uncomfortable buzzy and shaky feeling – and especially without the crash.

At the cost of this incredible energy boost, White Vein Thai kratom powder does not have the pain-relieving capabilities of other kratom products; it goes without saying that as a result of the energy boost, it is not a good choice if you need a sleep aid. For that, you’d want to look towards low dose Red Vein kratom powders and capsules.

One last bit we’d like to note about White Vein Thai kratom, in particular, is that it has a semi-euphoric nature to it, as reported by proponents of the particular strain. Essentially, it perks you up and gives you a boost with clarity and focus to power through the day without hitting a wall and crashing a few hours later.

If you have any questions about if White Vein Thai kratom is the right choice for you, feel free to contact us to discuss your options. We’ll be happy to help you navigate the site and find the right kratom powder and kratom capsules for your needs.