Kratom capsule and kratom powder advocates caught a lucky break in Clearwater, Florida recently as the city halted any and all plans to ban the supplement at the city level. After an emotional hearing from parents and concerned citizens as well as proponents of kratom, the city council decided that their resources to research the supplement and possible negative effects were insufficient and that it should be handled by a higher legislative power.

While Clearwater residents who promote the benefits and use of kratom powder celebrate this albeit temporary victory, some parents in the community lament the ruling and feel the city council should have listened to their research. This battle rages amidst a nationwide concern about kratom powder sales and use and some cities have already outright banned its sale; some cities, when banning the supplement, have only prohibited kratom sales for ingestion and consumption.

The FDA is currently saying that kratom is too easily abused and that is a danger to people who use it. Proponents are quick to respond that it has aided in withdrawals for opioid addicts and that at a much milder level, it helps ease stress, anxiety, and depression. Most deaths involving kratom powder often have additional substances, or conditions, involved and only serve to give kratom a bad name.

Fear mongering at the expense of a substance meant to help people will only lead to people who benefit from kratom capsules to have a tougher time finding a healthy substitute. Some people may look to shopping online where they can’t guarantee the purity and quality of kratom powder and may become sick from whatever it is cut with. For pure and safe kratom products, visit our online store and contact us if you have any questions.